Compassion Through The Eyes Of Strays & Community Cats

by / October 11th, 2016
Lifestyle, Singapore

Guest post by Mariel Argonza. Recently, a friend who was visiting Singapore remarked how stray cats here looked well-fed and surprisingly clean by 'stray cat standards'. Colloquially known as “community cats”, I asserted that they are indeed well-fed and taken care of thanks to selfless cat guardians throughout the city-state, each having their own informal groups, routes and neighbourhood territories. What’s more remarkable is that both locals and expats help make this organic and grassroots-level system work. Singapore cat guardians spend at least one hour a day feeding anywhere from 5 - 15  cats, all while juggling their own work and family commitments. While some often reach into their own pocket to buy cat food to feed the cats, others help  by generously donating money or food every month. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="2048"] Greenie chilling with his toy rat[/caption] I’m fortunate to have befriended a Finnish couple, who has devoted five…


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