The Last Hours

by / June 17th, 2017
Editor's Choice, Love & Relationships

  The last few hours before. 30 April 2017 12.51 am I am ransacking my wardrobe for a jacket I intend to wear for church service tomorrow. (Or later, given that it’s past midnight).   1.13 am I can’t find the jacket. So, I give up and go to bed.   7.03 am I am woken up by a light touch to my cheek. It’s my domestic helper. In my groggy state, I hear her say,   “Wake up, I heard that Popo is not breathing.”    I sit up as fast as I can. My sister, who heard the exact chilling sentence I did, also sits up with a jolt. Both of us cannot seem to move.   “Where’s Mummy?” I ask my helper. She replies “She’s getting ready to go over to Popo’s house.”   30 April 2017, Saturday 7.07 am My sister goes out of the room…

The Associate: Not Just Another Varsity Business Competition

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Going Beyond Summer Internships – Make the Most Out Of Your Summer!

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Compassion Through The Eyes Of Strays & Community Cats

Lifestyle, Singapore

Guest post by Mariel Argonza. Recently, a friend who was visiting Singapore remarked how stray cats here looked well-fed and…

by / October 11th, 2016
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