5 Pre-Travel Essentials for the Student Budget Backpacker

by / May 17th, 2017
Editor's Choice, Lifestyle, Travel

  In the days leading up to their trip, loads of student backpackers do extensive research on their destination, from the absolute must-visit,  to tourist scams to avoid, and even cultural sensitivities to be aware of. What people usually neglect is the planning for the pre-travel essentials. Whether it’s streamlining your packing list or getting a travel insurance that actually has decent coverage (looking at you, airline “travel insurance” add-ons), here’s a list of pre-travel essentials for the budget, student backpacker! All-In-One Swiss Army Knife + Fork and Spoon Credits: Youtube Bringing a Swiss army knife is always a given, but how about one that includes stainless steel utensils as well? It’s going to make meals on the road much handier and you won’t have to hunt for utensils. Get yours from Amazon! Register With The Ministry of Foreign Affairs   Regardless of the political stability or safety levels of…

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