Can anyone publish on TheKopiWrite?
Yes, we are an open platform for everyone to express themselves through the medium of language. Regardless of your writing experience, we want to hear your thoughts and Singapore experience.

Do you have other social media platforms?

How do I become an in-house writer?
Just indicate your interest to us and send an e-mail with a few of your works or articles you would like to publish to thekopiwrite@gmail.com

What is the commitment for an in-house writer?
Ideally we would love for our in-house writers to submit an article per week, however minimum is once every two weeks.

Do I have to be Singaporean to publish?
No, you do not have to be Singaporean to publish. Although we encourage local content, we are looking for writers from anywhere and everywhere.

Will my work be immediately approved and submitted for publication?
You would receive notice about your work within 3 working days and whether it is immediately approved will be further discussed through e-mail.

Is there remuneration involved?
We’re a non-profit startup so we aren’t able to offer any remuneration at this point of time. Instead what we offer is this collaborative platform for you to hone your writing skills, especially if you join our community of in-house writers. All of you will be able to bounce ideas off each other and form a community where you share the same passion.

Can I write in another language?
No, we are only accepting articles written in English. Snippets of anglicized local slang are accepted. (eg I zhun zhun reach at 12 o’clock)