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Compassion Through The Eyes Of Strays & Community Cats

Lifestyle, Singapore

Guest post by Mariel Argonza. Recently, a friend who was visiting Singapore remarked how stray cats here looked well-fed and surprisingly clean by 'stray cat…

by / October 11th, 2016

Life Choices Over French Toast and Tea

Opinion, Singapore

Submitted by Nick Tan   The smell of good coffee was unmistakeable  Overpowering almost, as I sat in a cubicle of a Café at Orchard…

by / May 29th, 2016

A Primer On Being Normal

Opinion, Singapore

Submitted by Joshua Chan “Normality is a spectrum” Someone special once told me this. I hope you, who reads this, commits to remembering these words…

by / May 23rd, 2016

A Stranger To Myself

Opinion, Singapore

Submitted by Julian Tang It strikes me, as one of the strangest things, how social people are as creatures. We are not very comfortable with…

by / May 17th, 2016

Solo Travel As A Teenager

Lifestyle, Opinion

Submitted by MGL At the age of 17 I climbed my first mountain, Mount Ophir, Johor Malaysia. Not a very high peak at all standing…

by / May 15th, 2016

A Guide To Distraction-Free Writing Apps

Lifestyle, Review

  A collaboration piece by in-house writers Gordon Chia and Rebecca Ho.   Normally, our go-to for an essay or document would be a word…

by / May 12th, 2016