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The Last Hours

Editor's Choice, Love & Relationships

  The last few hours before. 30 April 2017 12.51 am I am ransacking my wardrobe for a jacket I intend to wear for church…

by / June 17th, 2017

5 Pre-Travel Essentials for the Student Budget Backpacker

Editor's Choice, Lifestyle, Travel

  In the days leading up to their trip, loads of student backpackers do extensive research on their destination, from the absolute must-visit,  to tourist…

by / May 17th, 2017

The Associate: Not Just Another Varsity Business Competition

Business, Editor's Choice

  As a student of the humanities and social sciences, I’ve always been a little skeptical of those frequent email blasts for business competitions. “ISE…

by / April 8th, 2017

Going Beyond Summer Internships – Make the Most Out Of Your Summer!

Business, Editor's Choice

  Deciding on what to do with your summer break (read: three months of freedom!) should always be led by an idea of gaining something. It…

by / April 5th, 2017

Music For A Cause 2016

Editor's Choice, Lifestyle, Singapore

  [embed][/embed] Music For A Cause 2016 (MFAC16) brings to Singapore's first ever Social Cause Music Festival. Spiced with a modern twist, it’s going to…

by / May 31st, 2016