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Things I Fear About Home Ownership at 21 Years of Age

Humour, Lifestyle, Opinion, Singapore

Credits for cover photo Turning 21 might be an exciting time for many people. “Freedom!” would be the word that many exclaim, albeit politely and…

by / June 2nd, 2016

Coming Out Of The Bathroom

Humour, Lifestyle, Opinion

There is one room in my house that every single visitor has been to. And no, it is not my room. If you have been…

by / May 21st, 2016

The Curious Case of Singapore and MRT Seats

Humour, Opinion, Singapore

  Entering an MRT in Singapore should be like entering a train on any other country. You get in, mind your own business and get…

by / April 12th, 2016

The Seven Stages of Insomnia


12AM As it begins, there is very little reason why tonight should be the same as the others. I lived the day well and toiled…

by / February 26th, 2016

What Goes On In A Boys’ School

Humour, Opinion, Singapore

I went to a boys  only school. To be exact, I went to two boys only schools. For all 10 years of my primary and…

by / February 25th, 2016

Do you shoot Nikon?

Humour, Lifestyle, Singapore

So Nikon’s latest online competition has drawn much attention… After a seemingly picturesque photo is more than meets the eye. First up, we have the…

by / February 7th, 2016