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Literature, Love & Relationships

I looked up at her and hesitated, before carefully approached her. She was hurt, I could tell. She was huddled in a corner, and her…

by / May 25th, 2016

Everything, And Nothing At All

Literature, Love & Relationships, Singapore

Everything, and Nothing At All   I want you to tell me everything. “Everything?” you’d ask in disbelief. (I hesitate, then realise it is daunting.)…

by / May 19th, 2016

Being Redwood

Literature, Opinion

We pick up the remnants of our childhood from the things and people that cross our path. Sometimes even the least expected experiences shake us…

by / May 10th, 2016

Love In Darkness (I)


I will always believe he isn’t human. He is a perfect angel. I still remembered how he gently gazed at me the first time we…

by / May 6th, 2016

[POEM] Conversations with Middle-Schoolers

Lifestyle, Literature

Conversations with Middle-Schoolers did anything cool this week? Nah, just school. Not really, it was nice out though. The wind was so strong! how was…

by / March 12th, 2016


Literature, Singapore

Memorabilia English soldier teddy bear. You got this for me when you were in London for a business trip - perhaps the only time as…

by / March 2nd, 2016