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The Last Hours

Editor's Choice, Love & Relationships

  The last few hours before. 30 April 2017 12.51 am I am ransacking my wardrobe for a jacket I intend to wear for church…

by / June 17th, 2017

How I Know He Loves Me – A Fathers’ Day Feature

Love & Relationships, Singapore

  There is this one man. He tries ways to show his love for me, but sometimes, I take him for granted. This Father’s Day,…

by / June 19th, 2016


Literature, Love & Relationships

I looked up at her and hesitated, before carefully approached her. She was hurt, I could tell. She was huddled in a corner, and her…

by / May 25th, 2016

Everything, And Nothing At All

Literature, Love & Relationships, Singapore

Everything, and Nothing At All   I want you to tell me everything. “Everything?” you’d ask in disbelief. (I hesitate, then realise it is daunting.)…

by / May 19th, 2016

How TV Dramas Spoil Us For Relationships

Lifestyle, Love & Relationships, Opinion

I'm a fan of US television shows and the occasional Hong Kong or Taiwan drama series. As enthralling as they are, we all know that these…

by / May 13th, 2016


Love & Relationships, Singapore

I remember the very first day I met you 10 years ago. You were the biggest and chubbiest of the litter, looking a little out…

by / May 8th, 2016