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When A Child Is Born – Becoming a Father

Lifestyle, Singapore

“Dada” Depending on his point of view, it is either the happiest or the scariest four-letter word a man will ever hear.   Away from…

by / December 22nd, 2015

[Poem] I Remember

Literature, Love & Relationships, Singapore

I remember how you’d cook My favorite meals Even though It pained your fragile frame And how your culinary skills Surpassed all else I remember…

by / December 16th, 2015

Dear Po

Love & Relationships, Singapore

Dear Po   How would you feel if you knew I was writing about you on the Internet? You would probably be embarrassed that the…

by / December 15th, 2015

Dear Papa

Love & Relationships, Singapore

Dear papa, I want you to know that I am very thankful for you, bringing me up all these years. First and foremost, it was…

by / December 7th, 2015

[Poem] Ma Taught Me

Literature, Singapore

Ma taught me Ma taught me To make cookies small Nothing bigger than a tea-spoon sized piece of dough I wanted to make huge cookies,…

by / December 6th, 2015

What it Feels Like to Have an Army Dad

Love & Relationships, Opinion, Singapore

Remember in school when you had to fill up the ‘in case of emergency’ form on the first day back every year? Or when your…

by / December 2nd, 2015