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TheKopiWrite Shares: Our Favourite Christmas Movies

Lifestyle, TheKopiWrite

This year, we're lucky enough to have Christmas fall during the long weekend! If you're not out celebrating, exchanging gifts or checking out the many…

by / December 24th, 2015

[SGIFF] Interview with Gladys Ng, Winner of The Best Singapore Short Film Award

Interviews, Singapore, TheKopiWrite

Gladys Ng, a talented homegrown director, recently won the Best Singapore Short Film under the Southeast Asian Short Film category at the Silver Screen Awards,…

by / December 8th, 2015

[SGIFF] Highlights from the Singapore International Film Festival

Lifestyle, Singapore, TheKopiWrite

TheKopiWrite swung by the star-studded red carpet for the prestigious Singapore International Film Festival 2015 (SGIFF). Being mere amateurs, we were bowled over by the…

by / December 8th, 2015