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4 Productivity Hacks That Actually Do More Harm


Are you making these productivity mistakes? 4 popular strategies that may actually harm your focus. Can you hear that? Tick-tock, tick-tock... It's the sound of…

by / January 7th, 2016

My Advent Calendar of Gratitude

Lifestyle, Opinion, Singapore

Thankful For: I visited a church a couple Sundays ago and leading up to Christmas, they gave out this card with the title “Gratitude Cultivates…

by / December 21st, 2015

8 Times My Much-Vaunted Singaporean East-West Sensibility Failed to Live Up to Its Billing

Lifestyle, Opinion, Singapore

We in sunny Singapore pride ourselves on our unique talent for straddling both sides of the cultural divide: East and West, oriental and occidental, Asian…

by / December 18th, 2015

[Poem] Suffocation

Literature, Singapore

Suffocation When I was seven, my aunt told me How my grandfather had died The previous night In the blanket of hospital grey Wrinkled nails…

by / December 17th, 2015

The Obsession With Numbers


Time, money, statistics- numbers envelope us in every aspect of our lives. In the morning, we wake up to the annoying alarm because it is…

by / December 12th, 2015

7 Things I Will Never Regret From Falling Out of Love

Love & Relationships, Opinion

I’m sat down, staring at my hands, having just put the phone down after hearing his voice for the last time. I do not feel…

by / December 7th, 2015