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[Poem] Suffocation

Literature, Singapore

Suffocation When I was seven, my aunt told me How my grandfather had died The previous night In the blanket of hospital grey Wrinkled nails…

by / December 17th, 2015

[Poem] Self Immolation

Literature, Love & Relationships, Singapore

I conjure up its silhouette in my thoughts, moulding it; Its warmth like pinpricks in my palm, Soft, beating, almost like a child’s - it’s…

by / December 11th, 2015

Three Words

Literature, Love & Relationships, Singapore

I saw your picture today: The caption included 'my best friend' But I'm not in it. If I were to take those three words apart…

by / December 2nd, 2015


Literature, Love & Relationships

Written by Annabel Ngien.   Grandfather   My mother once told me a story About how my grandfather’s dream Was to replace his broken veins…

by / November 26th, 2015

Fish Maw

Literature, Love & Relationships, Singapore

  Fish Maw Love is a bowl of hee peow soup, carefully brewed. Savory and flavorful, entering into your gut - a mixture swirling with…

by / November 20th, 2015

Brittle Bones



by / November 11th, 2015