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Busking in Singapore

Lifestyle, Opinion, Singapore

An enchanted tune of yesteryear floats in the air of the bustling street. It’s a familiar old uncle playing his er-hu as he smiles and…

by / December 9th, 2015

[SGIFF] Interview with Gladys Ng, Winner of The Best Singapore Short Film Award

Interviews, Singapore, TheKopiWrite

Gladys Ng, a talented homegrown director, recently won the Best Singapore Short Film under the Southeast Asian Short Film category at the Silver Screen Awards,…

by / December 8th, 2015

[SGIFF] Highlights from the Singapore International Film Festival

Lifestyle, Singapore, TheKopiWrite

TheKopiWrite swung by the star-studded red carpet for the prestigious Singapore International Film Festival 2015 (SGIFF). Being mere amateurs, we were bowled over by the…

by / December 8th, 2015