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My Advent Calendar of Gratitude

Lifestyle, Opinion, Singapore

Thankful For: I visited a church a couple Sundays ago and leading up to Christmas, they gave out this card with the title “Gratitude Cultivates…

by / December 21st, 2015

[POEM] Overseas Student

Literature, Love & Relationships, Singapore

A few days short of a month back in my homeland  and I can already tell you A few reasons why I should  (for your…

by / December 3rd, 2015

Date A Girl Who Studies

Humour, Love & Relationships, Opinion, Singapore

Written by Aw Jieshi. Dating a girl who reads? So passé. You should date a girl who studies. Date a girl who studies. Date a…

by / November 18th, 2015

There Is More To Your Life Than Your GPA

Lifestyle, Opinion, Singapore

The best advice anyone can give you regarding your school life – Actually live your life! This is not to say that you should neglect…

by / November 17th, 2015

Making The Best Out Of Your Schooling Years


We often don't realise how precious and valuable something is until it’s over and/or unless we are able to take a step back, zoom out and…

by / November 11th, 2015